Ivy Lee has many strengths to offer as a candidate for Markham Regional Councillor. Her wisdom, knowledge, vision, experience, and connections enable her to represent Markham and York Region residents and businesses effectively. She will be a particularly clear voice and energetic advocate for people who most need support during these increasingly challenging times, especially families, women, seniors, youth, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked with Ivy on her award-winning Modesty magazine, and also in providing marketing services to Markham businesses, as well as companies overseas seeking opportunities here. Our clients and associates have respected Ivy and appreciated the information, connections, and perspectives that she provides.

Numerous politicians from federal, provincial, and municipal governments attended the events that we organized and staffed. They demonstrated admiration for Ivy and her many contributions to the growth of Markham’s business sector and her commitment to the community.

In assisting Ivy with her campaigns during this election and previously, I’ve seen consistent diligence and effectiveness in her pursuit of a better quality of life for the people of the City of Markham and York Region. Ivy knows and understands this community well, and will serve on Council with vigor, integrity, capability, compassion, and dedication.

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