Ivy Lee’s passion for supporting residents’ viewpoints as well as bringing communities together made her decide to run in this municipal election, October 22, 2018, for Ward 4 Councilor. Her leadership, integrity, and dedication are strongly present in her past and present community involvement.

Ivy’s keen sense of economy and community has been the force behind her successful efforts to   create jobs in the City of Markham. Her vision for the City of Markham is to be a live, work, and play city.

Ivy’s political involvement dates back to the eighties. Her appreciation for Canada and all that our great country has to offer encouraged Ivy to give back to society at a more effective level. She ran for City of Markham Ward 8 Councilor in 2006 and 2010, and Regional Councilor in 2014. During this time, Ivy met and talked to many residents and that deepened her level of understanding of their concerns.

Ivy Lee was born in Malaysia and immigrated to Singapore in 1964 to work in the dressmaking industry. Within a remarkable sixteen years, she surpassed all traditional expectations. She became a business owner and a teacher at her Dress Making Institute.

In pursuit of educational opportunities abroad, Ivy immigrated to Canada in 1979. She graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1986. In the following year, she moved to the City of Markham where she raised her family and opened a Professional Therapeutic Massage Clinic; providing services for pain management.

Ivy is tremendously passionate about bringing communities together. Her astonishing sense of business and community has led to the creation of many venues to realize community oneness. In the business arena, Ivy has established forums and relationships between the City of Markham and foreign governments. In the community scene, she has been involved in providing much needed support to the most vulnerable people. She supported “Ontario Senior and Senior” and “Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care.”

Below is a snapshot of Ivy’s efforts in bringing us together:

In 1993, Ivy launched the bilingual Modesty Magazine, the longest surviving publication of Chinese magazines in Canada, and an exclusive inflight magazine of Cathay Pacific Airline. She was elected Chairperson of the World Association of Chinese Mass Media in 2005; when she organized many global media related conferences in Canada and abroad.

From 2001-2006, Ivy was involved in the planning and organizing of Canada Day Festivities in the Town of Markham. In 2010 Ivy received the certificate of appreciation from the Town of Markham for her contribution to the community.

Ivy has sponsored a variety of multicultural communities and charitable organizations. She co-founded the Malaysian Association of Canada and fostered community and government relations initiatives. In 2006 for her exceptional contribution, Ivy received the Outstanding Asian Canadian Community Award from the Asian Canadian Multicultural Council of Ontario.

In 2007, to promote and encourage community political education and involvement, Ivy founded the Chinese Canadian Association of Canada. This has resulted in more, better, and deeper community involvement of our neighbors.

In the same year, Ivy became a member of the Canadian Cancer Society Chinese Advisory Committee Council, where her role is to raise awareness and to educate the public about cancer and cancer prevention.

In 2011 Ivy co-founded the Education International for the Disadvantaged. She was the secretary and vice-president of the organization, providing education funds through fundraising to disaster-prone areas. This initiative funded relief efforts in Haiti & China and sent money plus school supplies.

1n 2016 Ivy was invited by the Chinese government to represent Canada in China for the Fuzhou High Tech Conference. She then began to promote the City of Markham to the Chinese government for mutual business ventures. She has since been encouraging investors to invest in Markham; resulting in the creation of up to 500 jobs by 2020.

In 2017 Ivy was invited by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to attend the One Belt and One Road Summit. Ivy played a significant role in the expansion of a Markham based technology company to China. This company plans to open a second location in Markham in a near future, creating job opportunities in Markham.

Ivy is a recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award for her dedication to the Trade and Investment Services Alliance Network. She acted as the director, treasurer, public relations and event manager from 2008 to 2012. Ivy’s efforts in organizing networking events and seminars to bring the Canadian government and local businesses together are widely recognized.

Presently Ivy is also vice-president of publication of the York Region Parent Association.

As demonstrated time and time again over the years; Ivy C.A.R.E.S. for her community and takes action to get results consistently, not just when election times rise.



Ivy Lee(李信杏)是誰?






  •       祖籍福建、出生於馬來西亞、謀生於新加坡的加國華裔。於1979年移民加拿大。Ivy深曉英文、馬來文及中文,並暢通國、粵、潮、客、閩、浦田、興化等多種方言,語言是她的强項,她能與任何族裔的人暢通交流,分享心得和經騐,可謂毫無障礙,和僑民們溝通有很大的方便。


  •       經營出版社、發行優雅雜誌十四年,任出版人並兼任總編輯,其雜誌於1996年榮獲優秀傳媒奖,2005年被選為世界華文傳播媒體協會主席。


  •       2001至2006年Ivy被萬錦市議會委任為國慶委員會的委員。


  •       2010年,Ivy是國慶委員義工奬得主,獲得萬錦市市長Frank Scarpitti頒發奬牌。


  •       2004年馬來西亞商會創會董事現任副會長。2007年獲得亞洲祖裔社區優秀奬。


  •       2007年被邀請加入加拿大防癌協會華人顧問委員議會的委員,負責傳媒關係工作,提供防癌信息,有助癌症病人早日康復。


  •       2008年被邀加入加拿大貿易及投資聯盟會成為會董,是任財政,公關及活動統籌,負責官方與商界及企業的交流。


  •       2011 年被邀請加入世界爱心基金會成為創會會董,是任秘書長。


  •       2011 年被邀請加入約克區家長會成為創會會董,任刋物編輯。