Ivy Lee C.A.R.E.S.


In listening to the people of Markham and York Region, I have found the following issues to be common priorities:


Community Safety

Our police force is one of the best in North America. However, our officers need community involvement to maintain our safety, through increasing support for Neighbourhood Watch and other programs.


Accountability & Transparency

Our government has a duty to represent constituents respectfully and operate transparently.


Affordable Housing

All Markham residents require good, affordable housing. Meeting this basic human need is foundational to our harmony, health and prosperity.


Responsible Development

Smart, efficient growth is essential to improving our quality of life. Priorities must include balancing development with current infrastructure, and demonstrating fiscal responsibility with taxpayers’ dollars.


Ensure Traffic Flow and Safety with Better Transit

Currently, we have some of the best equipment, with buses that are spacious and comfortable.  However, we can increase ridership and revenues by making our public transit system more user-friendly, with these improvements:

  • Integrating better with other transit systems, to improve timing and fare structure.
  • Making routes more convenient.
  • Increasing frequency of buses.

Senior and Youth Issues

We have a double-edged challenge, with growth of our youth sector slowing while our population is aging, a combination which is causing costly social and economic problems, including a workforce shortage. These changes in our demographics require adjustments to our resources—in education, business and health care—to engage our youth productively, and support our seniors adequately.