I am committed to accountability, transparency, collaboration and understanding, and to taking action that is thoughtful and careful. I will continue working diligently with the people of Markham and York Region, for a better quality of life.

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Effective Leadership You Can Trust! Vote Ivy Lee For Markham Regional Councillor

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Ivy Lee C.A.R.E.S.   In listening to the people of Markham and York Region, I ha

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新聞稿 2022年10月3日 李信杏(Ivy Lee)懇請萬錦市區域居民支持投

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Thank you to my wonderful campaign team, for your extraordinary dedication.

Thanks to every voter who called, wrote, and met with me, and to all who voted for me.

Although I was not elected as Markham Regional Councillor, my deep concerns for our city and region will continue.

I will remain involved in our community, to improve our quality of life, especially for the most vulnerable among us, including seniors and youth.

Congratulations to

Mayor Frank Scarpitti on his re-election

and to all who won this election.

I urge you to serve with wisdom, integrity, transparency, and diligence. The people of Markham and York Region deserve no less from you.



Date: October 14 until October 24, 2022

How to Vote

Elections Markham Website: www.electionsmarkham.ca


Ivy Lee has many strengths to offer as a candidate for Markham Regional Councillor. Her wisdom, knowledge, vision, experience, and connections enable her to represent Markham and York Region residents and businesses effectively. She will be a particularly clear voice and energetic advocate for people who most need support during these increasingly challenging times, especially families, women, seniors, youth, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked with Ivy on her award-winning Modesty magazine, and also in providing marketing services to Markham businesses, as well as companies overseas seeking opportunities here. Our clients and associates have respected Ivy and appreciated the information, connections, and perspectives that she provides.

Numerous politicians from federal, provincial, and municipal governments attended the events that we organized and staffed. They demonstrated admiration for Ivy and her many contributions to the growth of Markham’s business sector and her commitment to the community.

In assisting Ivy with her campaigns during this election and previously, I’ve seen consistent diligence and effectiveness in her pursuit of a better quality of life for the people of the City of Markham and York Region. Ivy knows and understands this community well, and will serve on Council with vigor, integrity, capability, compassion, and dedication.

– Judith Jakab, B.A., A.P.R., E.P.C., Chairperson for Ivy Lee’s 2022 Election Campaign for Markham Regional Councillor

You can trust in Ivy Lee’s leadership to build a better future for the city of Markham. Her values towards affordable housing ensures everyone has an opportunity to build a family in Markham. Her integrity and hard work ethic makes her stand out from the rest.

– Ga-Hao Chan, Associate at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

“Ivy Lee is incredibly hard-working, passionate and has a strong sense of empathy for others. I have seen her overcome many tough challenges in life and resolve conflicts and difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She has been an active community member in Markham for many years and I believe she would be an excellent Regional Councillor to meet the needs of Markham’s residents and businesses.”

– Ellen Ly, Principal Policy Officer (Fintech, Crypto) at Greater London Authority

“I've known Ivy Lee since 2009, when she helped me expand CEC, my business at that time, assisting newcomers to succeed. Ivy is a dynamite, super-woman, with a high energy level and passion for helping others.

Her life story amazes me. As a young woman, she defeated all odds, became a business owner, migrated to Canada, furthered her education, and raised her family in the City of Markham. And all these years later, she retains that same fire and ambition!

Through Ivy’s love of Markham, she has become an unofficial public servant. She truly C. A. R. E. S. for the people of this community, and this commitment has become her campaign platform. ”

– Pira S. Ebrahimi, Sales Representative, Investment, Commercial, Residential, Keller Williams Portfolio Realty, Brokerage

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Ivy Lee, a woman with an incredible work ethic and a big heart. I’ve seen her work create impactful and positive change for the Markham community. Her integrity, can-do attitude and ability to get things done really set her apart from other candidates I’ve seen. Ivy earns my highest recommendation for Regional Councillor of Markham.”

– Jonathan Wan, Growth Manager at LUKSO Blockchain Network

“Ivy Lee is a hard working person with a great deal of integrity. I have worked with her on 2 boards for which she has been a pillar of strength. Should Ivy be voted as a Markham Regional Councillor she will go beyond her duties and will be a great asset to the city.”

– Matey Nedkov De Lacamp, President and Chairman of International Corporate Expansion

“I hope to see Ivy Lee elected to take care of Markham Regional Council. From the time I’ve met Ivy Lee prior to opening my fitness club in Markham (THE MARKHAM GYM) she has helped me resolve issues, build relationships and progress. Ivy Lee never disappointed me, she always has good intentions, she is a friend indeed. I support Ivy Lee.”

– Farchad Gadjyev, Owner of THE MARKHAM GYM

“Ivy Lee is a business woman with integrity, love and patience. She has a clear sense of community and purpose. Her contributions and persistence in bringing positive changes to the City of Markham is admirable. Throughout her life, Ivy has been striving for progress. She knows what the community expects of the government, and what the government should do to fulfil on those expectations. If Ivy is elected, she will fight for her constituency and voters to be heard at City Council.”

– Alex Liew, Founder of Greater Toronto Cultural Centre, Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Walkers and the World Love Education Foundation

“I fully endorse Ivy and her CARES campaign. Markham will be better for having Ivy as a regional counsellor.”

– Michael Kirshenbaum

“I fully endorse Ivy Lee for Regional Councillor.

The same thinking by past politicians has not produced real results on the key issues.

Ivy Lee and her CARES campaign indicate that this successful Markham mother, resident, and a business lady has listened to and understands the key issues.

Her past successes as a selfless hard-working results orientated community volunteer, collaborator, and business owner give her the credentials to get the job done.

We need a strong female voice on the regional council to “make Markham an even better place”.”

– Alan Hamm