Leadership you can trust!

I have the strength to be transparent and accountable, to effectively communicate and understand your needs, and to fight for your right to live in your ideal Ward 4 community.

As a newcomer to Canada, in 1979, I found myself in the land of opportunities. Canadian people and government were kind and opened my mind to possibilities that I never thought possible; the opportunity to study, build a career, and to have a voice.  To give back, I ran for Councillor in Ward 8 in 2006 and 2010 and Regional Councillor in 2014.


I am an entrepreneur, a business woman who has always been a helping hand to everyone in my city. As an active member of the society, I am often asked to be the voice of people from all walks of life and backgrounds in the local government. This year, I am running for Councillor in Ward 4.


I’m taking a strong stance in tackling issues at hand, including affordable transportation, safer communities, and responsible Development.


In 2014, I received 15, 799 votes for York Regional Councillor, City of Markham. I owe this phenomenon achievement to my strong leadership. Strong leadership that you can trust!


My commitment to City of Markham


I have been member and supporter of many charitable organizations within City of Markham. This is a short list of some of my involvements during the past 31 years:


  • Member of Town of Markham Canada Day Committee
  • An avid supporter of Senior and nursing homes including Ontario Seniors and Seniors and Yee Hong Geriatric Care Centre.
  • A proud in-kind media sponsor for charitable organizations such as United Way, Moon Sheong Foundation, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Chinese Business Associations, Carefirst, and SEAS Centre.
  • Leader in promoting, educating, and encouraging Chinese-Canadian citizens to participate in politics.
  • Founding Director of Malaysian Association of Canada, Markham, Ontario, Media Relations Representative
  • Founding President and Director of Chinese Canadian Cancer Society
  • Co-organizer of Global Chinese Financial Forum in the York Region since 2006
  • President of The World Association of Chinese Mass Media


Current and past business endeavours


My businesses have all had an aspect of giving back to City of Markham. Here are a few examples:


I have been a Professional Pain Management Massage Therapist since 1987 at Ivy Lee Health Centre, Markham Ontario, providing hope and support to many Markham residents with various types of health issues.

To further connect residents of the GTA, I have published and distributed the bilingual Canadian Modesty Magazine in the GTA and as an inflight magazine on Canadian Airline and Cathay Pacific Airline.


To ensure start up success, I have assisted many new businesses, in City of Markham, with their marketing plans to successfully launch their advertisement campaign.


Created a successful means of generating business opportunities in City of Markham, by organizing trade missions to and from China and the Philippines;



Ryerson University, Toronto ON 

Magazine Publishing and Printing Certificate

Seneca College, Toronto ON

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Certificate

Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Ontario

Registered Massage Therapist Diploma




信守承諾   為民先鋒


Ivy Lee(李信杏)是誰?






  •       祖籍福建、出生於馬來西亞、謀生於新加坡的加國華裔。於1979年移民加拿大。Ivy深曉英文、馬來文及中文,並暢通國、粵、潮、客、閩、浦田、興化等多種方言,語言是她的强項,她能與任何族裔的人暢通交流,分享心得和經騐,可謂毫無障礙,和僑民們溝通有很大的方便。


  •       經營出版社、發行優雅雜誌十四年,任出版人並兼任總編輯,其雜誌於1996年榮獲優秀傳媒奖,2005年被選為世界華文傳播媒體協會主席。


  •       2001至2006年Ivy被萬錦市議會委任為國慶委員會的委員。


  •       2010年,Ivy是國慶委員義工奬得主,獲得萬錦市市長Frank Scarpitti頒發奬牌。


  •       2004年馬來西亞商會創會董事現任副會長。2007年獲得亞洲祖裔社區優秀奬。


  •       2007年被邀請加入加拿大防癌協會華人顧問委員議會的委員,負責傳媒關係工作,提供防癌信息,有助癌症病人早日康復。


  •       2008年被邀加入加拿大貿易及投資聯盟會成為會董,是任財政,公關及活動統籌,負責官方與商界及企業的交流。


  •       2011 年被邀請加入世界爱心基金會成為創會會董,是任秘書長。


  •       2011 年被邀請加入約克區家長會成為創會會董,任刋物編輯。