Strong Leadership You Can Trust!

I have the strength to be transparent and accountable, to effectively understand and communicate your needs, and to fight for your desire to live in your ideal Ward 4 community.

As a newcomer to Canada, in 1979, I found myself in the land of opportunities. The Canadian people and government were kind to me. They opened my mind to possibilities that I never thought possible; the opportunity to study, build a career, and to have a voice.  To give back, I ran for Ward 8 Councillor in 2006 and 2010 and Regional Councillor in 2014. This extraordinary experience deepened my understanding of the issues that residents of City of Markham are concerned with.


I proudly and singlehandedly brought my son up in the City of Markham and now he is a successful businessman. I am an entrepreneur, a successful business woman who has always offered a helping hand to everyone in my city. As an active member of society, I am often asked to be the voice of people from all walks of life and backgrounds in the local government. This year, I am running for Councillor in Ward 4.


With a strong sense of economy, I’m taking a solid stance in tackling issues at hand, including affordable transportation, safer communities, and responsible development.


In the 2014 municipal election, I received 15,799 votes for York Regional Councillor, City of Markham. I owe this achievement to my ability to listen and understand the issues presented to me by you the residents of the great city. And that leads to:


Strong Leadership that You Can Trust!



My commitment to City of Markham


I have been a member and supporter of many charitable organizations within City of Markham. This is a short list of some of my involvement in the past 31 years:


  • Member of the Town of Markham Canada Day Committee
  • Avid supporter of senior and nursing homes including Ontario Seniors and Seniors and Yee Hong Geriatric Care Centre.
  • Proud in-kind of media sponsor for charitable organizations such as the United Way, Mon Sheong Foundation, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Chinese Business Associations, Carefirst, and SEAS Centre.
  • Leader in promoting, educating, and encouraging Chinese-Canadian citizens to participate in politics.
  • Founding Director of the Malaysian Association of Canada, Markham, Ontario, Media Relations Representative
  • Founding President and Director of the Chinese Canadian Cancer Society
  • Co-organizer of the Global Chinese Financial Forum in the York Region since 2006
  • President of The World Association of Chinese Mass Media


Current and past business endeavours


I am so very proud that my businesses have all included an aspect of giving back to City of Markham. Here are a few examples:


I have been a Professional Pain Management Massage Therapist since 1987 at Ivy Lee Health Centre, Markham Ontario, providing hope and support to many Markham residents with various types of health issues.

To further connect all residents of the GTA, I published and distributed the bilingual Canadian Modesty Magazine in the GTA. It became an inflight magazine on Cathay Pacific Airline.


To ensure start up success in City of Markham, I have organized many successful networking events, generating business opportunities in City of Markham to connect with foreign countries such as China and the Philippines. I have also assisted many new businesses with their marketing plans and successful launch of their advertizing campaign.


I strive for the success of each and every member of society and envision that together we will create a world class city where we can live, work, and play.


In short,I C.A.R.E.


C: Community Safety

A: Accountability and Transparency

R: Responsible Development

E: Eliminate Traffic Congestion




Ryerson University, Toronto ON 

Magazine Publishing and Printing Certificate


Seneca College, Toronto ON

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Certificate


Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Ontario

Registered Massage Therapist Diploma








作為1979年加拿大的新移民,我發現自己處於機遇之地。加拿大人民和政府善待于我,他們開启了我從未想過的可能機會: 學習,建立事業并为自己發聲。為了回饋,我在2006年和2010年競選了第八區市議員的市政選舉,並在2014年競選約克區域議員。這種非凡的經歷加深了我對萬錦市居民所關心的問題的理解。






我對萬錦市的奉献 :


  • 萬錦市加拿大国庆日委員會成員
  • 養老院的支持者,包括安大略省老年人和老年人以及怡康老人護理中心。
  • 為聯合之路,Mon Sheong 基金會,大多倫多中華文化中心,中國商業協會,Carefirst和SEAS中心等慈善組織提供實體媒體贊助。
  • 促進,教育和鼓勵中加公民參與政治的領導者。
  • 馬來西亞加拿大協會創始董事,安大略省万锦市媒體關係代表
  • 加拿大華人癌症協會創始會長兼主任
  • 自2006年以來在約克地區舉辦的全球華人金融論壇的共同組織者
  • 世界華文大眾傳媒協會主席









简而言之, 我在乎的具體政綱:




* 減少交通困擾、疏導交通擁塞、提供快速公車

* 增加社區功能項目並貫徹老人及青少年服務

* 振興經濟,創造更多就業機會



RyersonUniversity, Toronto Ontario


Seneca College, Toronto Ontario


Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy,

Sutton Ontario