“I have known Ivy Lee for more than 20 years. She is an energetic and passionate business woman who strives for community advancement. In the past 15 years Ivy has organized large-scale Global Chinese financial forums for Vancouver NAI Corporation, the International Confucius Cultural Festival, and the Canadian North Star Canada National Day Event to name a few.

Ivy’s Malaysian background has empowered her to have a deep understanding of our diverse,  multiculture community. She is the strong bridge between various ethnic groups and the Canadian society.

Ivy has been providing a much needed help to the residents of City of Markham from all walks of life including new immigrants, youth, and seniors.

I firmly believe that Ivy will fight for the rights of Ward 4 residents if elected. She will be a responsible and transparent representative of the constituents. With her community and political strength, Ivy will bring the voice of the public to the city council.”

Endorsed by Raymond Tam,

Former President of Centre for Information and Community Services &
Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra.

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